This Again?

Yep, this again. Except this time, it’s breast cancer. Follow along as I navigate. It’s not going to be pretty (the blog OR the “trip”) – but it’ll be honest.

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It’s been a rough week and a half. I’ve fallen twice and had to call 911. The first time was at home. I was trying to flip up my cane that had fallen, and I got tripped up trying to step over it. Scraped up my arm on the way down. Goose egg on my…

Tough times.

TLDR; my body hates me. Short version: my body freaked out when I got cancer and started attacking itself. Progressively, and now aggressively, worse. I can barely walk, stand, or move my arms. Had to call 911 twice so far for lift assistance, today because I fell trying to get out of the car and…

Too much.

I am overwhelmed and feeling my stress levels skyrocket. If you can spare some good thoughts…..

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