“I’ve Been Down That Road Before”

“Go get you some treatments just like I’ve had
And you wont hanker for more
I’ve really learned the meaning of living and loving
‘Cause I’ve been down that road before.”

I met with the surgeon this morning, who is basically befuddled. She’s great – but she’s perplexed. It didn’t “look” like cancer. It “looked” like autoimmune complications.

Yet here we are.

She drew me a “Choose Your Own Adventure” map. We talked through all the possible, usual treatment options. But there are a lot of caveats and if/then statements, and theoretical combinations. We can’t make any real decisions until we get an MRI done, and get the prognosis reports from the biopsies. But I have a better idea of what might happen.

I also have a whole slew of “to do’s”. I’m meeting with the genetics team, because apparently there are genetic indicators that might inform future treatment options. I see my dermatologist and rheumatologist on Monday, because there are potentially ways that the autoimmune disorder might influence the treatment options. I have an appointment on 11/1 with the radiologic oncologist. I’ll get scheduled with the medical oncologist once we have the prognosis reports. I’m scheduled to follow up with the surgeon on the 28th. She may want to do a deeper skin biopsy closer to the site of the cancer depending on the pathology reports and her consults with my derm and rheumatologist.

I went for the MRI this afternoon. Same problem, because the machine was the same size. So now I wait for Plan C.

And I make some other plans. Is it time for a therapist? I have a whole Navigation Guide from the hospital I could read. I have pathology reports I wouldn’t mind digging into.

And then I wait.

2 thoughts on ““I’ve Been Down That Road Before”

  1. April, wow. I’m at a loss for words. Just know you have a supporter here. I’ll check in on you. Feel free to blow my phone up, please. Sending you love and strength.


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