No News….

“I’d prefer a bad excuse
To no news.” -Lonestar

Well, not entirely. But no answers.

Today was a trip to the dermatologist and the rheumatologist.

In what has become a pattern, I waited over an hour and a half to see the dermatologist, who was ‘running behind’ – as he always is. The visit lasted about five minutes, during which he basically said there was nothing else he could do for me and see what the rheumatologist says.

At least I won’t have to wait in that damn waiting room any more.

The rheumatologist was about a five minute wait. And I really, really like Dr. Kempf. He’s super mellow, very thoughtful, and very compassionate. We talked about what changes had happened, including the cancer diagnosis, and then went over my lab work. Most of the lab work was normal, which is good. Two tests are concerning.

The first is my adolase levels, which would indicate some muscle inflammation. Normally, Dr. Kempf said he would start me on methotrexate. Problem is that methotrexate, at least in part, is an immunosuppressant. Not necessarily what you want going into cancer treatment. So that’s on hold until I have my medical oncologist consult and sort out what the treatment plan is going to look like.

Second concern is that I have high levels of thyroid auto-antibodies. That indicates that something’s out of whack with my thyroid. He referred me back to my PCP for further thyroid function tests and follow up.

It’s a step in the right direction, theoretically. I think.

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