Moving Forward

No lyrics again today.. feeling lazy. Here’s the latest.

  1. MRI. Apparently there are no fat person MRI’s anywhere in the DMV. With Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, George Washington University, et al so close, I find this suspect, but what do I know. So, instead, they’re sending me for a CT scan. That’s a week from today in the afternoon.
  2. I met with the genetic counselor. We drew blood for a full genetic workup. Should have results for the breast-related genes within 1-2 weeks, and the full panel in 2-3. This information is more of an FYI than anything, at least for me. Some use the breast cancer gene info to help decide on surgery, but I won’t need that. I’m already fine with a full bilateral if that’s what my doctor thinks is best. What do I need them for?
  3. I’m now scheduled with the medical oncologist. That appointment is on the 4th.
  4. My surgical oncologist wants to do a skin punch biopsy on the breast to help determine what’s autoimmune and/or what’s inflammatory breast cancer. That’s happening next Wednesday, the 27th, in the morning.
  5. I have a therapist appointment on Tuesday, after I meet with my PCP.

That’s it.

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