Stop, Collaborate and Listen

I swear, I just think I have a handle on things and something changes. A few updates for today.

  1. I spoke with the nurse at the St. Jude Life study yesterday. There isn’t anything that they specifically want/need from me, other than updates on how things are going, diagnoses, etc. But, what I didn’t know is that there are lifetime maximums on certain types of chemotherapy – one of which I had as a kid and is commonly used for breast cancer. So I needed to make sure my medical oncologist knew my dosages so I don’t get overprescribed. This, presumably, is because this particular chemo, daunorubicin, is extremely hard on the heart. It would’ve come up as we were chatting, but I wouldn’t have known my dosages. This way, though, she can have the information ahead of time help with planning for treatment if it turns out that chemo is necessary.
  2. This morning, I got a call from my surgical oncologist. As she and her colleagues were discussing my case this morning, she was describing all of the inflammation and skin nonsense I have going on from the autoimmune stuff. Turns out that one of her colleagues had a similar case a few years ago and found that the rheumatologist on the case was super knowledgeable and helpful, so she recommended that my doctor call him. They chatted, and he’s making room for me in his schedule to consult so we can see if there’s anything else to add to the equation.
  3. I randomly got a fall from a radiology location (the second place I tried to get the MRI), asking me about orders for a nuclear medical scan that I don’t know anything about. Messaged my surgeon about that one, because … what?

Also, I head to Ohio this weekend for my cousin’s long-delayed wedding reception. Planning to take my time and stop and rest as needed. The weather’s supposed to be nice, so I’m hopeful for a good trip. Though at some point, I really should pack.

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