A little more talk, and a lot less action

So, today’s visit was with the medical oncologist. Jeepers.

A few outcomes today:

  • I won’t have any answers about chemotherapy until after surgery. Two scenarios which will mean chemo:
    • if the lymph nodes are “involved” – ie cancerous
    • if the oncotypes come back >20, which they won’t know until the tumor is out and dissected
  • I missed a finding on my CT scan. I have lymph nodes in the groin area that are enlarged. More likely than not, it’s nothing. However – I’m weird, and better to cover all the basis than not. So I’m scheduled for a CT-guided biopsy next Tuesday.
  • This doc wants a PET scan. That’s currently being researched, because I may end up with the same issues as with the MRI. TBD.

And I follow up with the surgeon next Wednesday. Presumably that will be a surgical conversation and perhaps scheduling.

Jiminy Jeepers.

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