No news, just musings….

Yep. No real news. Well. I won’t have a PET scan – apparently that’s the same issue as the MRI. Jesus, am I the only fat person who’s ever gotten breast cancer? What the whole hell. And there was more that I didn’t talk about on the 4th that’s not related to the breast cancer (I think?).

So, the other thing that showed up on my CT scan. Two things, really. One, I have a 2 cm cyst on my left kidney. Apparently this is not uncommon, and no one seems vaguely concerned about it. Two, I have some weird “density” at the neck of my gall bladder, and the radiologist suggested I get an ultrasound to check that out. Because there isn’t enough going on with my body already. So I have an appointment with my PCP tomorrow to talk about that and presumably get an order for it or a referral to a gastroenterologist. Because I don’t have enough doctors already.

I’ve been on my own this weekend – Travis is in LA for a Netflix event, and some other event that I’ve already forgotten what it is. (Brain fog is real, ya’ll.). He gets back in the middle of the night on Tuesday/Wednesday, and I’m actually not sure if he’s coming straight home or not. Tuesday is my biopsy, and they’re giving me a sedative, so I may well be out of it anyway. Hoping I’m well enough to drive to my surgeon’s appointment on Wednesday. Otherwise, I suppose it’s an Uber day.

I tried out acupuncture on Friday, and honestly? I don’t understand it. I don’t know what it was supposed to do, or in what time frame. The Life With Cancer program offers six sessions for free, and the practitioner was very nice. I just …. don’t get it. So who knows whether I’ll try it again or not. Didn’t hurt me to try it, but I’m not super fond of doing things for no real reason.

The muscle and joint pain are getting worse, it seems. My flexibility is shot. I can barely lift my hands over my head – washing my hair sucks. I can’t reach behind my back. Forget reaching my feet – thank god I stopped buying shoes with laces a while back.

My hair is still falling out at a slightly alarming rate. It’s not chemo bad, but it’s a lot. My hair is the thinnest it’s ever been. I’d joked a couple months ago about shaving it all off, but that’s starting to sound like a reasonable alternative. No idea what’s causing this, other than perhaps stress.

And my skin is still bone dry. Painful dry. I bought an Aquaphor spray ointment that seems to sort of help, but it’s Aquaphor, so it’s gross, and I’ll only use it at night. Better than nothing, right?

All in all, I’m in reasonably good spirits as far as the health stuff goes. I’m frustrated – seems like every test we do to try to get answers just yields either no answers or more questions. But that’s frustration with my body, not with my doctors or the process. I get it. I would just prefer a little more forward movement.

There’s a lot going on that could make this a weird week. Just trying to hold on for the ride.

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