An actual musical interlude

I don’t know if you’ve ever felt your spirit take a deep breath.

If you’ve ever felt your soul burst like an overfilled balloon, dumping out all of the toxins it’s been holding in.

If you’ve ever felt both your spirit and your soul being repaired in real time.

I experienced all three in the span of about two hours tonight.

I am beyond grateful that it was in the comfort of my own home, behind closed doors, without an audience, because it was ugly for a solid three minutes.

And yet, when the livestream ended tonight, I felt the collective deep breath that I know so many of us took.

And for a bit more context, Rob held a two-hour acoustic livestream tonight, benefitting Sidewalk Angels. And while it sounds like there still won’t be a live version in January, which I was honestly *really* hoping for, tonight’s show was all the things I didn’t even know I needed. Hearing “3 AM” as an acoustic is always emotional for me. Tonight it wrecked me. Think ugly crying, barely able to breathe and sure as hell couldn’t see through the tears level of wrecked me – but it was beyond cathartic.

Live music is my happy place. It’s one of the few times that being part of a crowd feels OK to me. And if it’s matchbox/Rob – multiply that by 10,000. I am forever and eternally grateful for the incredible gifts of music and friendship that have come my way because of Rob Thomas and matchbox twenty.

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