What do you need? How can I help??

I’ve been getting this question a lot, and I don’t have many answers.

Please know that I have no monetary needs. My medical bills, at least up through now, are manageable, and because I am incredibly blessed and lucky to work somewhere amazing, will continue to have income throughout my treatment. I am very well taken care of throughout this journey.

That said, I know that most of my friends and family are far away and feel a little helpless, and I get that. I love you all, and your messages of support mean more than anything else. If you are inclined to “do” something – gift cards for things like Grubhub, UberEats, etc will always be a good idea. I confess to still relying heavily on Amazon and Target for many things.

In terms of “stuff” – I will be relying heavily on scarves and hats over the next eight months. I’ve recently discovered http://www.headbandsofhope.com – they donate one to a child with an illness for every one that’s purchased, which is extra meaningful to me.

Please don’t feel obligated to “do” anything – except maybe send some good thoughts into the universe for me.

Love you all.

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