The only thing that’s guaranteed about cancer treatment is that things will change.

First things first – COVID seems to be gone. I’m pretty much symptom free except for a very occasional cough. Score one for me.

I’ve scheduled, rescheduled, and cancelled a bunch of appointments. Today was supposed to be chemo class with a nurse, but we cancelled that and rescheduled for next week. Why, you ask? Because my doctor is not completely sure of my chemo cocktail yet.

The complication is that one of the chemos used for breast cancer is in the same family as one of the chemos I had as a kid. Those chemos can cause significant heart damage, and there are lifetime maximums on how much of that family you can get. Apparently there are differing opinions on how my previous chemo “counts” toward that max. There is also the question of whether the risks outweigh the benefits here. So my oncologist wants me to do a cardiac consult, then talk with the cardiologist before she makes a final call. The cardio consult is tomorrow.

Also tomorrow is my radiation follow up. So I’ll hopefully find out that that plan looks like, because right now, I have no idea.

Shockingly no appointments on Friday, at least not yet 😂

On Monday, I have an ECHO – a heart function test. That will give us a baseline to compare to, should we proceed with the heart-damaging chemo. ECHOs are no big deal – kinda feels like an ultrasound aimed at the heart. I had one in 2019 as part of my St Jude Life study and all was well.

Tuesday is a bone scan. I go in the morning to get the dye injection, and then back a few hours later for the actual scan. I also pick up Christmas dinner from Honeybaked that day. Wahoo.

Wednesday is my follow up with my surgeon so she can check the incision and the breast. Kinda hoping she aspirated and removes some of the fluid – it’s getting uncomfortable. Then after is chemo class.

Thursday is my port placement procedure, and then Christmas.

We cancelled the right side lymph node biopsy. Radiology and my oncologist decided it just isn’t needed at this point. Might still need an ultrasound of the right breast but not sure on that one.

I did attend a virtual support group last night, and I think I’ll keep going to it. Friendly group and good discussion.

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