Violins and Holidays

Sometimes things just hit you the … right? wrong?… way.

I had to have a bone scan today (spoiler alert: no cancer in my bones [hoo—fucking-ray]). I went in this morning to get injected with the contrast, and had to go back this afternoon for the scan.

When I went back this afternoon, I could hear a violinist in the atrium, and I hoped he would still be there when I returned. I went upstairs, checked back in and sat down to wait.

A few minutes later, the violinist came up to our waiting room. He was an older gentleman, and he played beautifully. He was playing simple Christmas hymns, but they were beautiful.

I closed my eyes to listen, and I felt my eyes fill with tears. There was something about the stillness, the quiet, the beautiful violin, and the hymns that just hit a place in my soul. It hit me that I’m going through all of this at the holidays and I’ll only see my family through a video screen.

I only got to listen to a couple of songs before I was called back, and that is probably good. I’d have been full on weeping.

I’m ok now. Still a little sad, but here we are and one thing at a time.

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