Sprung a leak

So. In the midst of feeling half-dead after chemo, I woke up this past Saturday at 4:30 AM to pee, and found that my surgical site had sprung a serious leak.

Yellow, slightly syrupy fluid was flowing down my side like a fountain. To say it was gross is a bit of an understatement.

I called my surgeon – because, leak. She basically said yep, built up too much fluid. Sleep on a towel and it’s fine.

Uh. Ok?

So when I went to get fluids later that day, I had the nurse look at it and they thought it looked weird. They also took a culture of it.

Fast forward … culture came back with staph. So I’m on antibiotics. I’ve seen my oncologist, infectious disease, and my surgeon. I go see wound care on Friday morning. The wound looks fine, but my onco is hesitant to do another chemo round if I have an open wound.

So… gotta wait and see what wound care says and then determine a course of action.

If it ain’t one thing…….

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