Catching up…

What a week.

So…… yeah.

Went to see wound care. The doctor was great, and so was the nurse. He ended up packing it with gauze, which needs changed every day. They’re trying to get home health care to come do it, but for today – Travis had to do it. He was very brave and I am very proud of him. Let’s just say it was gross and weird and neither of us wants to do it again LOL.

The short version is that there’s a “capsule” in the hole – and we have to try to heal that from the inside out. Apparently packing the wound helps with that. FWIW, “packing” the wound means stuffing a bunch of saline-soaked gauze down inside the hole. It doesn’t hurt me, but it feels suuuuuuuuuuuper weird. And watching it get done feels … wrong.

Everyone OK’d chemo, so I have round 2 on Thursday. I go for lab work tomorrow morning, have a video appt with my nurse practitioner on Wednesday, and then chemo, and then back to wound care on Friday. Saturday’s a day off, and then my mama comes on Sunday to help get us through the week after chemo. Don’t tell her, but I’m real glad she’s coming.

For everyone wondering how I’m “doing” – I’m OK. I think I’ve moved to the acceptance phase and am just dealing. Still not happy about it. Will still be mad about it next week when I tank. But I can’t change it, and giving up isn’t really an option. So, here we are. Going up the stairs in my building is a royal PITA and I’m honestly not sure if I’ll be able to keep doing it. My joints are super stiff and my muscles are weak – and I honestly don’t know if it’s chemo or the autoimmune or something else at this point. All I know is that my mobility is super limited, and my physical strength is basically nonexistent. I’ve had to give up driving – it’s just not safe at this point. I hate being so dependent on others, but I don’t have much of a choice right now unfortunately.

But, onwards we go, and forward we shall trudge – even if slowly!

One thought on “Catching up…

  1. My mom had that wound thing happen after her surgery too. We packed her wound until it healed up, it took a long time and the scar was huge and weird but it worked. Just keep it up and it will heal. Thank you Travis.

    I’m glad your mom is coming too.

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