On my own again…

Well. My mom was here and is home again. But we got a lot done while she was here and I think/hope it was a bit of a break for Travis.

This time felt a bit easier. I didn’t have some of the gastrointestinal issues I did last time. And I don’t think I crashed as hard. We did a fluid infusion a day earlier than last time, and I think moving it a day earlier still will be even better. I developed a rash on my hands, but that’s getting better.

My wound is still open. That doc seems to think it will be through the end of chemo, which is a pain in the butt, and then we will need to make decisions when it comes time for surgery again. If I’m given the option, it will be a full mastectomy. I don’t need them, I’m tired of them, and I’d rather just be done with them. It’ll be weird to go from this to nothing, but whatever.

My oncologist sent me to a neurologist for muscle evaluation. I’m scheduled for an EMG for March 3rd to see if my muscle weakness might be neurological. Because that would be just peachy.

I’m doing ok. I feel alright. Tired. A little worn down. But alright.

One day at a time.

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