What. A. Week.

My energy is gone. Like, nonexistent.

But alas. What a week. My wound is acting up again. I called the clinic on Tuesday because it was bleeding, and it absolutely stunk. Like, gross making us nauseous stunk. They told me to come in on Wednesday.

So I did. They cultured it and called my infectious disease doc, who happens to be in the building next door. Changed my wound pack – instead of saline soaked gauze, now it’s soaked in a bleach solution. ID wanted me to come over right away. Got an antibiotic shot.

Chemo was yesterday. That went well. Then I had to go back to ID for another shot. Then back to wound clinic today – doc said it looked ok, culture wasn’t back yet. Repacked it and sent me on my way.

Had an hour between appts so went to an actual restaurant (!!!) for food. Then back to ID. Culture was back – yay for strep! 🙄. Another shot, and he called in an oral antibiotic to continue.

Meanwhile, as is almost always the case with high powered antibiotics, I got a yeast infection, which is always an absolute delight.

And now, assuming status quo, I don’t have to go anywhere until Wednesday.

Which is good, because I am out of energy.

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