I’m tired and I don’t wanna blog. The last few weeks have been a little brutal. I’ve been dealing with chemo and all the side effects, spent a couple days in the hospital and I’ve just been recovering ever since.

It’s entirely possible that today was my last round of chemo. None of my doctors are thrilled with how the last round went for a few reasons. I didn’t tolerate chemo very well last time partially because of how much it’s just depleted me. I don’t wanna eat, don’t want to drink, don’t wanna function. The pain from that Udenyca shot was very intense, and then there’s a matter of the open wound which is basically a cesspool for bacteria and not exactly something you want around when your counts drop after chemo.

If this was my last round of chemo the Likely next step will be surgery and that surgery will probably be a full mastectomy I meet with my surgeon on Thursday and will find out I guess what the plan is at that appointment.

I had my neurology test today and I don’t really understand the notes from the test but I have a neurology follow up on Monday and hopefully will figure out at that point if there’s a neurological reason for my muscle weakness and or what to do about it from this point if there’s anything to be done at all.

I don’t really know what else to update on so if you have questions leave a comment or send me a Facebook message or whatever and I’ll address it because I don’t have any brain cells left tonight.

In better news my mommy is coming back out this next week and she arrives on Sunday and I am very excited about that because it’ll be nice to have some other company and give us in the household a little bit of a break so yay mommy!

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