Update time

I haven’t updated in a while mostly because I just haven’t felt up to it physically or emotionally.

I did land in the hospital for a couple of days again. This time it was mostly uncontrolled nausea and my counts were super super low. I ended up getting to transfusions while I was in but I was only in for two days this time.

Mom was here again for the week, which was super helpful. It took a lot off of Travis to not have to worry about me feeling so terrible along with everything else that he has to do. Unfortunately not everyone’s lives can stop just because I have cancer.

So now we decide what’s next. My oncologist has said that four rounds of chemo versus six rounds of chemo are just about the same, and it might make sense to pause chemo and move on to surgery for now given how terribly I have been responding to chemo.

I meet with my surgeon tomorrow and will hopefully figure out exactly what the plan is. At this point I assume based on previous conversations that it will mean a radical bilateral mastectomy, but I’m not sure.

So updates tomorrow, but for now I actually feel pretty good. My appetite is pretty good, I am sleeping pretty well, and enjoying a bit of a break.

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