Resting and recreating

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks since getting out of the hospital taking it easy and recuperating. I’m feeling a little lazy and a little stir crazy, quite honestly, but alas.

My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, April 26th. I’ll be undergoing a modified radical mastectomy, removing the left breast and a hunk of lymph nodes in the armpit. I don’t currently plan on any reconstruction, but I still have my consult with the plastic surgeon on the 12th. I doubt anything will change, but who knows.

Had a follow up with my oncologist yesterday. I’ll be starting on the aromatase inhibitor – a medication that blocks estrogen production that happens in the body other than in the ovaries. Because my cancer cells were estrogen receptor positive, this will help with lowering recurrence possibilities.

My white blood counts are still a bit low, but they aren’t terribly concerned about that at this point. We will monitor and see what happens!

That’s about it, I guess. So much fun, so little time.

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