About Me

Sooooooo. Who am I, and why am I writing this?

Tldr: I’m April. I had cancer when I was a kid, and I just found out I have cancer again. So I’m blogging about it!

I’m April. I’m fresh off a diagnosis of breast cancer. This will be my second bout of cancer. I also had acute promyelocytic leukemia when I was thirteen. That one was rare – because that’s how I roll. If it ain’t rare, I don’t want it!

For the boring stuff: I’m 42, and live in Falls Church, VA. I’m an HR consultant by day. I love to travel. I love live theatre. I love live music. I love my cat, Chuck. I’m creative, grumpy, logical, procedural, slightly materialistic, generous to a fault, and a whole lot of other things.

Cancer sucks, and being less than honest about it doesn’t help anyone. You’ll get the honesty here, and it will probably border on TMI at times. Tough nuggets. I started the blog to help others if I can, to share my journey with my people, and to have an outlet for all the things.

Stay a minute, stay an hour – and say hello if you dare!