Is it time yet?

Alright, obligatory catch up…

After the bone scan, I went back to see my surgeon on Wednesday. She drained 320 ml (10 oz or so) of fluid from the surgical site. When I tell you the relief was almost immediate……. It was. A little bit has returned but it’s nowhere near as uncomfortable and painful as it was.

Wednesday afternoon was chemo class. Chemo sucks. The side effects suck. But I found out a couple of interesting things.

One, because neuropathy in the feet and hands is a thing with this chemo, I’ll be putting my hands and feet on ice during that infusion. That will help slow and reduce the blood flow, and theoretically the chemo flow, to the hands and feet and hopefully prevent the neuropathy. Kinda cool.

Second, I’ll also be getting an injection to help boost the creation of white blood cells. That should be helpful. But it can cause bone pain – because WBC are made in the bone marrow. So apparently Claritin helps reduce that – so I will take five days of that to help reduce the bone pain.

I also got sent home with three anti-nausea meds which should help a lot here at home.

My port placement procedure went well – everything is healing nicely so I should be ready for Wednesday!

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